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'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip - Product No.: MWL891

'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip

exclusive by
SM - Shop McHurt - Logo

Lupus is a particularly heavy-duty model of a German dog whip, which is braided from five thick layers of leather.
A brass snap hook sewn to the handle to attach to the collar of the dog; just before the tip the whip is equipped with a, for dog whips characteristic, hand loop, for leading the dog.

Visually this whip commands respect, it's effect does not need further discussion.
Even the tip generates an impact, when left to fall from above, without actually striking.
Lupus is the heaviest model from or collection of dog whips, which needs to be tested with the greatest care in the beginning and is absolutely not suitable for beginners!

We have not seen this kind of design on the market for years, which is probably due to the extremely difficult and elaborate workmanship.
Our whip producer has needed several attempts to braid this whip to make it handle perfectly.
It is quite stiff in the beginning and requires thorough massage and movement to become more flexible. It appreciates the use of a good amount of saddle soap for this. We include a small pot with every order of a Lupus!

For the production of this whip we use our especially high-quality bridle leather (please see additional information below)
in the following colours:
- black
- bordeaux red
- mahagony
(please choose your colour below)

Length approx. 85 centimetres
Diameter of handle approx. 2 to 2.5 centimetres
Weight approx. 250 grams (when treated with care products the weight will increase)

Currently sold out!

'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip
'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip

'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip 'Lupus' Heavy Dog Whip
For a larger view please click on the picture.

Our English bridle leather is an especially high-quality drum dyed leather and has a thickness of approximately 3,5 to 4 millimetres.
The surface is not covered with insoluble pigments, but natural, providing a particularly pleasant grip and feel. 
Over time it becomes softer, rather than harder (in contrast to cheap belt leather, which turns hard and brittle after a while). 
This leather benefits from a little dubbing from time to time; oil, however should not be used, as due to the naturally retained surface it could change the colour of the leather.  
We use this leather in the following colours:
-bordeaux red

58,00 EUR
Shipping time:
3-4 Days
incl. 19 % VAT
excl. shipping costs


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