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made from surgical stainless steel This is a reproduction of the famous handcuffs with the... more

made from surgical stainless steel

This is a reproduction of the famous handcuffs with the quick-locking mechanism, used by the police in Hamburg.

As long as the cuffs are folded together in their passive state, they are able to be opened with a flick of the wrist just without a key. That's how the police constable of the 19th century was then able to rapidly draw the cuffs from it's holster, flip them open and arrest the crook on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.
The handcuffs are rapidly put around the delinquent's wrists and both sides are swiftly folded shut. Hey presto, now there is no escape - unless you are in possession of the key!

Due to the wide fabrication and rounded edges, the Hamburg 8 is surprisingly comfortable to wear. It is very restrictive, but it does allow for one axis of movement if hands are tied behind the back, which does make longer wearing possible.

To open, the simple key is just placed into the designated slot and pushed slightly sideways. This pushes back a little spring bar and the upper part of the cuffs can be released.
It should be observed that when opening the handcuffs, they are held in a relatively line. In a kinked position, the key would not hit the spring bar. Should this happen, simply take the key out, place the cuffs in a fairly straight position and try again. It will surely work now.

Available in three different sizes:


  • SMALL:
    for tiny to medium wrists, circumference up to approx. 16,5 centimetres,
    for medium wrists, circumference up to approx. 18,5 centimetres,

  • LARGE:
    for large and extra-large wrists, circumference up to approx. 21,5 centimetres,

We deliberately don't state which circumference of wrist the sizes fit, as it can vary from person to person. Some people are able to fold their hands very tightly and can slip out of the cuff easier than those who can only narrow their hands only slightly. In any case we recommend that the smallest possible size is chosen.

 Supplied with two keys.

Made from surgical stainless steel with a mirror gloss finish.
(As a result there are in contrast to the conventional chrome / nickel plated versions certainly no more problems with abraded coatings or allergic reactions.)

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