Neon Wand, purple

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  • EES101
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The Neon Wand is an electric stimulating device for generating various sensations on the skin.... more

The Neon Wand is an electric stimulating device for generating various sensations on the skin.
The glass tubes are filled with a special gas, which glows purple when activated.

The energy of the transferred electricity is adjustable with a disk control and additionally dependent on the distance to the skin. With a distance of approx. 1 centimetres a small arc of light forms between the glass electrode and the skin, which creates - depending on intensity - a light to a very strong tingling. Some people perceive the highest setting as painful.
If the glass electrode is in direct contact with the skin, instead of the arc of light, only a light, at times not noticeable tingling is felt, which can be accompanied by warmth.

The neon wand offers a vast array of possibilities for play, which can be re-discovered every time it is used.
If, for example, the active person holds the glass electrode in the palm of his/her hand, the electricity can be transferred with the other hand or by kissing (an amazing experience!) to another person. This effect can be magnified by transfer through a metal object, like a pin wheel (preferably stainless steel).

An integral aspect consists of the ambient noise of the small arc of light, and the resulting mental movie!
Particularly intensive reactions can be induced when the Neon Wand is applied to a blindfolded or tied-up person.

The Neon Wand is a modern electro stimulating device built with the example of the famous 'Violet Wand' from the 20's in mind. It is easy to handle and suitable for the experienced and beginners alike.

The Neon Wand is delivered with four attachable glass electrodes, which consist of:
- comb electrode,
- mushroom tube,
- 90 degree probe,
- tongue tube