Amor, rose (Funfactory)

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  • ESE512
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The Amor stub is the 'Shorty' of the Stub-Series by Fun Factory. Its slight curve and the... more

The Amor stub is the 'Shorty' of the Stub-Series by Fun Factory.
Its slight curve and the prominent tip are reminiscent if the longer Magnum stub. It is therefore favoured by those, who like the simple phallic beauty and not so deep penetration.
By the way, Amor is due to its shorter length very well suited for anal play, if the person receiving likes a bigger diameter than that of the Cavalier.
In difference to all other Stub-models the Amor has a skin-like, satiny surface, which is perceived by many users as pleasantly authentic.

The Amor is perfectly employed together with our Strap-On Harness Classic.
Alternatively it can also be used as a simple dildo.

Insertable length approx. 12 centimetres
Full length approx. 13,5 centimetres
Diameter approx. 3,5 centimetres

Made from 100% silicon (modern, synthetic material with very good elasticity and grip, no softening agents (Phthalates), antiallergenic, odourless and easy to clean)

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