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Who turns the Pixey Mini Black Exceed on for the first time will lift their eyebrows in... more

Who turns the Pixey Mini Black Exceed on for the first time will lift their eyebrows in disbelief. Nothing comparable has existed so far!
One of our first Swedish customers gave it the name 'Devil's Vibe'!

The Exceed is the new full turbo version of the family of Pixeys. With its 13500 rpm it is the strongest massager we know on the market. It easily exceeds other models including the normal Pixey Minis, which in themselves are already particularily strong.

The first noticable difference are the small knobs on the head, which transfer the vibrations even more intensely. Who takes a closer look will notice the small 'cooling ribs' on the body of the massager. The manufacturer actually built in the possibility of long-term use specifically for us BDSM folk. There is talk of two hours.
Out of our team no one made it to the full two hours full throttle (but then tests were done without dominant emphasis). There are also people who think that it is overkill. So please, be careful!

The flexibly bendable head has a diameter of 45 millimetres (plus the knobs) and is primarily used to lay on the body.
If you intend to enjoy Pixeys excessively in wet body areas we advice you to use protection (condoms) to ensure a long durability. This is due to the fact that the connection of the vibrating head to the handle is not waterproof.

The Pixey Mini Exceed works with a 2,4 metre long 240V power cord. Thanks to its adjusting wheel it can be regulated variably starting from relatively gentle massage to ultimate turbo-power.

Made from ABS (hard plastic without softening agents, odourless, oil and lubricant compatible) and silicone (modern, synthetic material with a comfortable grip, no softening agents (Phthalates), antiallergenic, odourless and easy to clean).

Do not use with lubricant containing silicone!

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