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Our light full masks will fit any head snugly like a second skin. They are sewn from... more

Our light full masks will fit any head snugly like a second skin.
They are sewn from particularly soft and slightly elastic aniline leather (see additional information below), creating a very flattering appearance.
The leather will fit snugly on any head, clearly showing its shape below. The tighter the mask is worn, the more obvious this effect will be.

This version lacks eyeholes causing a significant sensory inhibition. The wearer will be completely blind, while fully able to speak and/or drink due to the mouth-opening.

The restrictive effect can be enhanced significantly by using a ball-gag, which has to be put in before tightening the mask, as a tightened mask does not allow opening the mouth sufficiently. The ball-gag’s straps can be led through the mask’s mouth-opening and pulled tight at the back of the neck.
Using this combination the light full-head mask will render the wearer completely helpless.

Available in four sizes.
Please r
efer to the table below to find your size.

Size chart: Leather Masks
(all measurements are in centimetres!)

Circumference of neck
36-39 39-42 42-45
Circumference of head at mouth
46-51 49-54 52-58 57-61
Circumference of head above eyebrows
52-56 55-59 58-62 61-65
Circumference of head: tip of chin - back of head
63-66 65-68 67-70 69-72

Advice for easy putting-on of mask:
First open the lacing all the way to the top.
As soon as the mask has been pulled over the head, do not immediately pull the cords tight at the top. Instead evenly pull the cords all the way down without using too much force. After this, slowly tighten from top to bottom until the mask is at the desired tightness.
This way of tightening is necessary in order to guarantee the mask’s perfect fit. If you start by pulling the upper part very tight, the entire mask may ride up and create the impression of not fitting.

What does Aniline Leather mean?
Do not let the material’s name confuse you. Historically, this type of leather has been dyed using aniline-based dyes, but today it refers to a particular natural, high-quality leather.
You can find more detailed information here:

Aniline leather is tanned and subsequently dyed using entirely water-soluble dyes. In contrast to nappa leather, no additional pigment layer is applied, as this would hide small imperfections. This means that aniline leather can only be made from skins that have no wounds or marks whatsoever, which results in only five out of 100 being of sufficient quality.
The result of this is aniline leather being particularly pleasant, optically as well as haptically. Also it is slightly elastic to the pull in one direction. This is an advantage when being used for our light full-head masks, as it makes them particularly tight and snug-fitting, almost like a rubber mask.

Care Instructions:
As its surface lacks a pigment layer, aniline leather is not waterproof. You should avoid spilling food or drink on the mask.
To clean only wipe the mask down with a damp cloth. Do not use grease or oil.
If the leather should lose some of its softness after a while, simply massage it using your hands. It will quickly become as soft and supple as new.

Mehr Informationen

Kopf-SchablonePlease measure the following areas with a tape measure. Alternatively you can use a thread or cord which after marking can be measured with a ruler.
The most important measurement is the
circumference of head: tip of chin - back of head
If you are unsure, please send us the single measurements and we will be glad to help you further!

A: Circumference of neck
B: Circumference of head at height of mouth
C: Circumference of head at height of eyebrows
Circumference of head: tip of chin - back of head (longest distance)