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Very elaborately produced gag harness with black ball made from Platinum-Silicone This gag... more

Very elaborately produced gag harness
with black ball made from Platinum-Silicone

This gag harness can be worn very comfortably and for a long time if needed. It leaves relatively few marks on the face, as the straps are stitched from soft garments leather. The length of the straps is individually adjustable with buckles and therefore the harness is easily adaptable. At the connecting points the straps run through sewn leather thread eyes, to avoid skin irritations or marks from studs.
The main strap with the ball is separately detachable for removing and cleaning the ball. Accordingly you can also use the harness with balls in other diameters or colours.

Our gag balls are completely taste- and odourless and offer a very pleasant bite resistance. They are flexible enough to not damage the teeth, but solid enough to not be able to flatten the ball with the mouth. The balls are very robust. Even forceful bites will hardly leave any teeth marks.

The gag harness is available with three different sized silicone balls:

  • Small:
    approx. 38 millimetres (for small chatterboxes and people who easily retch)
  • Medium:
    approx. 45 millimetres (the medium standard size)
  • Large:
    approx. 52 millimetres (for big chatterboxes and for the connoisseur of quietude)
  • Extra Large: approx. 60mm (for those special cases who will not be silenced by a Large ball)

    Please note: For most people accommodating a 60mm-ball will not be anatomically possible! Only select size XL, if you already have practical experience using balls sized Large.  Otherwise it might turn into a case of trying to bite off more than you can chew. And then there will be tears.
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Our ball gags are made from high-grade Platinum-Silicone. The silicone does not contain any softening agents or other harmful substances and is thereby completely taste- and odourless.

The belts and harnesses for our ball gags are stitched fom several layers of soft garments leather which is produced with european tanning and colouring agents.

To clean the balls, they can easily be pulled off the strap and washed. Just dry and re-mount onto the strap and the gag is ready to go again!

Silicone Ball Gag, black Silicone Ball Gag, black

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