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Matching to our Skortan Straps we now also have bondage cuffs available. The Skortan Cuffs are... more

Matching to our Skortan Straps we now also have bondage cuffs available.
The Skortan Cuffs are produced like the straps, but have an additional D-ring, with which to connect them to each other or to fixate them to furniture...or...or...or...
The D-rings are sewn into the cuffs with the help of an extremely robust, nylon- strengthened, leather eyelet. The Skortan Cuffs therefore belong to the heavy duty side, without obviously looking like it at first glance.

The Skortan Cuffs are very comfortable to wear, thanks to the Velour leather on the inside, even without cushioning, and are indeed suitable for long-term bondage.


Skortan Cuffs are available in three sizes:

  • medium (suitable from 14 to 22 centimetres circumference)

  • large (suitable from 22 to 36 centimetres circumference)

  • extra-large (suitable from 32 to 68 centimetres circumference)

Width of cuffs approx. 5 centimetres
Made from cow Nappa leather and caw Velour leather

Scope of delivery:
1 pair Skortan Cuffs, respective of the size ordered
(not included are other cuffs, connecting hardware shown in the picture. Plese order separately)

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Some Practical Advice:

Are you looking for the means to fixate to your metal bed frame or furniture, removable without a trace and without scratching them?
Why not try our Skortan cuffs or the cuffs from our Mala collection. Size medium cuffs can be placed around bedposts or funiture with a diameter from 3.5 to 7 centimetres and then offer a fixed eyelet for the attachment of carabiners, tension straps or...or...or...

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