2 Cups Suckers

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These suction cups are considerably more effective than they appear to be at first. They can... more

These suction cups are considerably more effective than they appear to be at first.
They can be used in various ways. If you screw the movable plunger down as far out as possible, there will be next to no air buffer left when starting the suction.
This will result in a lot of tissue being sucked in mercilessly from the very beginning, causing a severe and painful suction process. If you want to start off less extreme, do not screw the plunger in all the way. This will leave a pocket of air between plunger and tissue which will expand at first. By varying the size of this pocket you can adjust the pain factor from gentle to intense.

Whatever you choose, we recommend slightly moistening the rim of the sucker before application to seal the cavity off against air.

For cleaning, unscrew the 2-cup-suckers completely until they come apart.
Make sure you apply some grease to the black ring seals to make the suckers reliably air-proof. Otherwise there can be a loss of suction.

The 2-Cup-Suckers come in four sizes:

  • Small (interior diameter approx.. 19 mm): particularly suitable for male nipples.
  • Medium (interior diameter: approx. 28 mm): particularly suitable for female nipples or male nipples when also taking in the areola.
  • Large (interior diameter: approx. 38 mm): particularly suited for female nipples when also taking in the areola.
  • Extra Large (interior diameter: approx. 50 mm): is the best size for large female breasts or the genitals.

As a rule of thumb: The smaller the diameter used, the sharper the pain will be.
It is advisable to experiment with different sizes. Generally they can be used on any part of the body, with the chosen size determining the amount of tissue sucked in.

Made from hard PVC

Items included:
one (1) pair of 2-Cup-Suckers in the size chosen.

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Wichtiger Hinweis:
Im neuen Zustand weisen die 2 Cups Sauger manchmal Feuchtigkeit oder einen leichten Schmierfilm im Innern auf.
Dies liegt daran, daß die Gummi-Dichtringe in der Produktion mit Vaseline eingestrichen werden, um sie an dieser beweglichen Stelle luftdicht zu machen.

Zum Reinigen lassen sich die 2 Cups Sauger vollständig auseinander schrauben. Achten Sie anschließend aber darauf, die schwarzen Dichtungsringe
wieder mit etwas Fett einzustreichen (wir empfehlen Vaseline), damit sie den Sauger zuverlässig abdichten können.
Andernfalls würde der Saugeffekt verloren gehen.