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This crotch strap is conceived for the combination with our Mala Waist Belt (Art.-Nr. MBL121) or... more

This crotch strap is conceived for the combination with our Mala Waist Belt (Art.-Nr. MBL121) or our Ihsan Waist Belt (Art.-Nr. MBL232).

In the areas of both orifices, the strap has a long row of holes, which can be used to insert and secure anal and/or vaginal plugs. It can be used by men and women, however, the dual use is naturally reserved for the ladies.
The strap can also be used as a regular crotch bondage item, as it pushes into the crotch the more it is tightened. If worn by men, care must be taken that the male paraphernalia are not damaged at the frontal area.

With the help of the short slits in the leather at both ends, the crotch strap can be attached at the eyelets of the waist belt. It can be strapped quite taut and then secured with a snap hook or,  to prevent any attempts of escape, a padlock.

Our Crotch Straps are sewn from multi layered Nappa leather. The edges are meticulously folded towards the inside, so there is no pinching or pressing in places where this is unintended.
The variations for the adjustment of length reach from 46 to 68 centimetres.
The width of the strap is approx. 2.5 centimetres.

Please note the care instructions (see additional information below)

Crotch Strap 'Double' (without Waist Belt, connectors or lockings; please order seperately)
To use this Crotch Strap, a Waist Belt is additionally needed!

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Care Instructions:
Our crotch straps are sewn from soft nappa leather. The leather is pigmented and therefore only absorbs a limited amount of liquid. This can not be avoided completely.
For those who want to keep the strap dry, we recommend to wrap cling film around the critical areas.
After use the leather should only be wiped clean with a moderately wet, soapy cloth. Please do not put it on the radiator, let it dry slowly, otherwise the leather becomes hard.

Disinfectants and leather do not get on as a rule. We ask you therefore to not use any disinfectants. If you absolutely have to, please get an alcohol-free surface cleaner.

Crotch Strap 'Ladies' Crotch Strap 'Ladies'

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