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The design of this training whip clearly corresponds to that of a light stock whip. The long... more

The design of this training whip clearly corresponds to that of a light stock whip.

The long wooden handle, wrapped in a leather strip, serves the effective acceleration of the whip. It joins to the elaborately braided connecting piece, which transfers the power of the strike effectively to the attached long leather strip. This finally terminates with a four-strand twisted nylon cracker, which ensures the typical crack of the whip, when accelerated accordingly.

This whip generates an extremely sharp pain when the cracker impacts. The final effect, however, develops after a short delay in the form of a penetrating, profound burning. Connoisseurs love this extremely intensive pain, but as a rule it is only bearable as an absolute final of a pain session.

As extreme damage can be caused by this whip, it is definitely not suitable for beginners.
It is imperative that you take notice of our serious safety advice!

The Dog Training Whip is a further development of our Dog Whip 'Roy” (Art-No. MWL805).

Because of it's length, it does not only need practice, but also enough space for deployment.

Total length approx. 135 centimetres, plus approx. 25 centimetres nylon cracker
Length of handle approx. 40 centimetres, diameter approx. 23 millimetres
Length of the smooth leather strip approx. 58 centimetres
Weight approx. 250 grams

Made from oiled saddle leather

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These stock whips are originally used for the driving of dog sleighs and dog teams. The dogs are not struck directly, but are driven to run by the sound of the crack.
This is, of course, different in BDSM. The strike should indeed hit the target, most of all with the tip of the cracker.
BUT: Inexperienced users should be extremely careful with this whip. It requires a considerable amount of practice to hit it's aim and not itself!

Safety advice:
The effect of this whip is extremely severe.
The speed of this whip can cause injuries, which inexperienced users will not be able to foresee.
The cracker in particular can cause serious injury and and can split open the skin.
It is imperative to let experienced players teach the handling or to visit a whip workshop!
Accordingly, we urgently recommend to practice on a non-live object, before the whip is deployed on the play partner!

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