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With this spreader bar legs can be spread a distance of approximately 70 centimetres up to... more

With this spreader bar legs can be spread a distance of approximately 70 centimetres up to 120 centimetres. It also offers several ingenious details:

Both ends feature removable elements, operated by a quick release connector. The D-rings of our various cuffs can now be secured with a screw into the slots. It is therefore possible to make the connection to the cuffs in the preparation stage without having to kneel at the feet of the person being secured during the session.

When the person wearing the cuffs with the prepared connectors now stands in front of you, you can attach the spreader bar with the help of the quick release connector with a simple click, then push the legs apart and secure the other side in the same manner.

Now you can seamlessly adjust the length by turning the centre element. Turning it one way extends both sides, the other way reduces the expansion. All this happens relatively quickly, due to the specially designed wide tread we use.

To remove the spreader bar, operate the quick release by pulling the small button and slide it out. Now the straddled person can relax and will surely thank you for the relief.

The spreader bar is robust enough to spread arms or legs, but not for the suspension of a load!

The centre element consists of a strong tube in which the screw thread needs the space. Therefore this tube is not strong enough to bear any load.

Scope of delivery:

1 Spreader Bar made from surgical stainless steel with adjustable from 70 centimetres to 120 centimetres,

2 quick release connectors (including two screws and one compatible hex key)