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Vintage Darby Handcuffs in the design of the 19th century but made from material of the 21st... more

Vintage Darby Handcuffs
in the design of the 19th century but made from material of the 21st century:
These Darbies are made of nonmagnetic stainless steel!

Because of their wide design and rounded edges they are surprisingly comfortable to wear. The flexible joint leaves enough play to continuously change the position of the arms.
These hand cuffs are also well suited for self-bondage. If the key is within reach, it is possible to open the cuff on one hand with the other hand. So keep the key inaccessible, to avoid self- rescue.

Darby cuffs can be locked in 5 different positions, without using the key. To open, screw the key inside until the cuffs release.

Available in two sizes:
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  • SMALL:
    for slender to medium wrists,
    height (H) to appox. 4.3 centimetres,
    width (B) to approx. 6.0 centimetres.
  • LARGE:
    for medium to strong wrists,
    height (H) to 5.3 centimetres,
    width (B) to 7.5 centimetres.

Includes two keys.

Made from stainless steel with satin finish.
(We assume that we have been the world's first to produce this classic version of the Darbies in stainless steel. As a result there are in contrast to the conventional chrome / nickel plated versions certainly no more problems with abraded coatings or allergic reactions.)

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