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These foot suspension cuffs are designed especially for hanging with bare feet without shoes.... more

These foot suspension cuffs are designed especially for hanging with bare feet without shoes.
We have made a considerable effort in developement and tried a lot, until finally brought this model. The cuffs fit well for petite women's ankles as well as for strong men's ankles.
They are made from thick, soft elk leather with a complex
upholstery in lamb leather. The weight of a single hanging cuff is approximately 500 grams!
The thick padding provides surprising comfort and also allows extended hanging sessions.
But please note implicitly our security advices!

Delivery: 1 pair foot suspension cuffs
(Hooks, spreader bars and other accessories are not included!)

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Security advice:

Find a really viable suspension point.
Preference should be given to thick wooden bars or steel beams. Hooks screwed into stone or concret ceilings with a dowel are mostly not sufficient safety barriers!
Before use test the hanging point carefully to its capacity!
Please consider: a plunge with the head down can cause serious injuries, broken neck and death!

Try the foot hanging cuffs initially only briefly! In case of nausea or dizziness the person must be immediately let down!
Hanging upside down increases blood pressure in the head substantially. In worst case this can cause bursting of small blood vessels and thus can lead to cerebral hemorrhage.
In connection with sexual arousal this risk is increased considerably!

For people who have high blood pressure, foot suspension cuffs are generally not suitable!

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