Pixey Black Edition Massager

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  • EVM202
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The Pixey Black Edition Massager is effectively the 'black brother' of the pink Pixey... more

The Pixey Black Edition Massager is effectively the 'black brother' of the pink Pixey Massager. Technically both devices are identical.

The Pixey Massager was the first model of the Pixey series and is still the biggest to date.

Its length of approx. 32 centimetres as well as the strong, full vibrations resemble the classic massagers like the famous Magic Wand.

The vibration can be regualted variably via its adjusting wheel starting from gentle to pretty heavy.

The flexible, bendable head has a diameter of 62 millimetres and is primarily used to lay on the body.
If you intend to enjoy Pixeys excessively in wet body areas we advice you to use protection (condoms) to ensure a long durability. This is due to the fact that the connection of the vibrating head to the handle is not waterproof.

Made from ABS (hard plastic without softening agents, odourless, oil and lubricant compatible) and silicon (modern, synthetic material with a comfortable grip, no softening agents (Phthalates), antiallergenic, odourless and easy to clean)

Do not use with lubricant containing silicon!

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