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This neckband is almost a piece of clothing in its own right. No matter what you identify or... more

This neckband is almost a piece of clothing in its own right.
No matter what you identify or play as, in this shirt-collar neckband you will look perfectly dressed, even if you’re wearing nothing else.
The design with a small “Ring of O” is very simple but also at the same time ravishingly charming.

In our shop or during fairs, the neckband always exerts an almost magical attraction. Anybody who ever tries it on will fall in love and never want to part with it again.


You can be sure to receive envious glances, if you are also wearing a colour-coordinated leash from our Wotan or Sefa collection.

The collar neckbands are intricately sewn from soft garment-quality cow’s leather, and are available in all-black, black/burgundy, black/purple or black&white.

You can find all available colour variants in the McNecklace section – medium and wide neckbands.


Available in four sizes:

  • small (approx. 28 to 33 cm)
  • medium (approx. 32 to 38 cm)
  • large (approx. 36 to 43 cm)
  • extra-large (approx 39 to 47 cm)
Shirt Necklace, black/winered Shirt Necklace, black/winered

Product No.: MNL922

exclusive by

€32.00 *
Shirt Necklace, black/purple Shirt Necklace, black/purple

Product No.: MNL923

exclusive by

€32.00 *
Shirt Necklace, black/white Shirt Necklace, black/white

Product No.: MNL924

exclusive by

€32.00 *
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