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The classic Mono-Glove is widely regarded as one of the most fascinating restrictive garments.... more

The classic Mono-Glove is widely regarded as one of the most fascinating restrictive garments. It was immortalised by John Willie in his story of 'Sweet Gwendoline', so it is also known as the 'Gwendoline Glove'.

This Mono-Glove can only be worn by persons who are able to almost touch their elbows behind their backs and therefore demands good flexibility of the wearer or previous intensive training, respectively.
Please note implicitly our security advice below !

In our experience it is only persons with slight upper arm muscles who are flexible enough for the classic Mono-Glove. Consequently we typically recommend this model for slim and very flexible ladies.

Gentlemen require a considerably above average flexibility and can't be muscular.

Please test before you order this model:
Bind the wrist tightly together behind the back with a strap. Now push the elbows together as far as possible and secure the upper arms by placing another strap around them. Measure the distance between the elbows.
If the distance is not more than 5 centimetres, it should work!
If the distance is between 5 and 10 centimetres, a little training could help, but we can't promise success. Many attempts lead to numb fingers and hands and therefore to the absolute necessity to stop, as nerves could otherwise be damaged.

Safety advice:
The wearing of the classic Mono-Glove entails obvious risks and takes place at the wearer's risk!
Regular examination of the blood flow of hands and arms, as well as the sensitivity of the nerves, are extremely important. Should a tingling in the fingers, similar to that of a 'numb hand' become apparent, it is an indication of compression on the the nerves of the upper arm. It is then imperative to take off the restraint or at least to loosen it until the tingling subsides.
There is a danger of irreversible nerve damage if these symptoms are ignored!

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Take the measurements for your Classic Mono-Glove here:

 Size chart (all measurements in centimetres!) :

SizeA: Wrist
Length from tip of middle
finger to tip of ellbow
 XXS 13,5 - 14,5
37 - 43
 XS 14,5 - 15,5 38,5- 44,5
 S 15,5 - 16,5 40- 46
 M 16,5 – 17,5 41,5- 47,5
 L 17,5 – 19 43- 49
 XL 18,5 – 21 44,5- 50,5