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There is a good reason why such heavy-duty leather hoods also like to be described as... more

There is a good reason why such heavy-duty leather hoods also like to be described as deprivation hoods.
Deprivation = sensual dispossession characterises the effect appropriately.
Two layers of soft cushioned cowhide tightly tie in the head and reduce the perception of the surroundings severely.
The eyes are completely shut.
The ear cushions let the surrounding noise fade far into the background, and the additional use of a standard foam earplug reduces the sense of hearing to almost zero.
The nose is generously tailored and is equipped with openings large enough to be able to breathe relatively comfortably.
Accordingly, the mask can be worn over a longer period of time and while the senses concentrate on the breathing, even the slightest touch of the body is perceived with sensational intensity.
The effect of the hood's tight lacing can be increased by pulling the straps more or less tightly and leaves the impression of a head restraint.
Apart from the nose openings there is also a small hole in front of the mouth. It is big enough to fit a regular drinking straw and supply the hooded person with little sips of liquid. When the mouth strap is closed, this hole is no longer visible.

This hood is very restrictive and should be enjoyed with care in the beginning.
It is definitively not suitable for persons who suffer from claustrophobia or have a tendency for panic attacks.
The person wearing the hood should never be left alone, in order to be able to open and remove the mask quickly in an emergency.

The hood is available in four different sizes.
Please find the corresponding size chart below.

Size chart: Leather Masks
(all measurements are in centimetres!)

Circumference of neck
36-39 39-42 42-45
Circumference of head at mouth
46-51 49-54 52-58 57-61
Circumference of head above eyebrows
52-56 55-59 58-62 61-65
Circumference of head: tip of chin - back of head
63-66 65-68 67-70 69-72
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Kopf-SchablonePlease measure the following areas with a tape measure. Alternatively you can use a thread or cord which after marking can be measured with a ruler.
The most important measurement is the
circumference of head: tip of chin - back of head
If you are unsure, please send us the single measurements and we will be glad to help you further!

A: Circumference of neck
B: Circumference of head at height of mouth
C: Circumference of head at height of eyebrows
Circumference of head: tip of chin - back of head (longest distance)