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It’s our „mask of many faces“ with additional gag-option. It can be worn open, with either the... more

It’s our „mask of many faces“ with additional gag-option.

It can be worn open, with either the mouth or the eye section closed as desired, or covering the entire face.
Looking at somebody wearing the hood with the mouth section closed, you can probably guess how we came up with the name: In the early days of flight planes had no canopy. In order to protect themselves from the wind and the cold, pilots wore flying helmets and mouthpieces made from leather. We feel that our hoods resemble those helmets very much.

Whether you wish to render yourself anonymous or guide your counterpart through various levels of constraining the head and/or depriving the senses, the hood offers several options to suit your needs.
The Pilot’s Hood is sewn from a particularly soft type of nappa cow’s leather, which due to its elasticity will fit heads of all shapes. You can already adjust the hood’s level of restriction by pulling the cord tighter or leaving it slightly loose.In addition to this, both the straps of the eye-mask and those of the mouthpiece can be adjusted to choose how restrictive the sensation of wearing the hood is going to be. All of these options normally leave the wearer able to still breatheIf the mouthpiece is not pulled too tight, speech is possible but slightly impaired. As soon as you pull the straps tighter, things get a lot more difficult. This becomes even more difficult if you add an gag ball to the mouthpiece.
(Attention, the ball is not includet. Please order a seperate one)
Close to the nose the eye-mask is cut in a way which creates the illusion of total darkness. If you close both sections over the face, you in effect already have a light sensory deprivation mask on your hands. When using both the eye and mouth parts in combination we recommend that you let the section covering the mouth slightly overlap the one covering the face as this will ensure a more absolute darkness, particularly when the mask is worn for long periods of time.
As the issue has come up repeatedly please note the following:
At first glance it may seem that the side-straps of the eye-mask should be inserted into the top three buckles at the sides of the hood. They should not. These straps have to be inserted into the middle buckles in order to provide downwards tension to the eye-mask. The top and bottom buckles are for use with the mouthpiece straps, as it, too, requires tension.

The Pilot’s Hood is available in four sizes, the dimensions of which you will find in the table below.

Size chart: Leather Masks
(all measurements are in centimetres!)

Circumference of neck
36-39 39-42 42-45
Circumference of head at mouth
46-51 49-54 52-58 57-61
Circumference of head above eyebrows
52-56 55-59 58-62 61-65
Circumference of head: tip of chin - back of head
63-66 65-68 67-70 69-72
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Kopf-SchablonePlease measure the following areas with a tape measure. Alternatively you can use a thread or cord which after marking can be measured with a ruler.
The most important measurement is the
circumference of head: tip of chin - back of head
If you are unsure, please send us the single measurements and we will be glad to help you further!

A: Circumference of neck
B: Circumference of head at height of mouth
C: Circumference of head at height of eyebrows
Circumference of head: tip of chin - back of head (longest distance)

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