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The way the Muffle Harness works can be compared to a hand covering the mouth and pushing the... more

The way the Muffle Harness works can be compared to a hand covering the mouth and pushing the chin up. The effect is very noticeable: Even without a ball gag or any other object inside the mouth, this gag will ensure absolute quiet as long as it is pulled tight enough!

As with any other gag-harness, this harness is first put over the head, with the strap’s clasp set to the loosest position. First you tighten the neck-strap, which will push the leather rectangle (at the front) onto the mouth. Now both side-straps are tightened evenly, creating notable tension underneath the chin.
Finally, the strap running from the nose to the back of the head is pulled tight.

In most cases this will not cause a sufficiently strong silencing-effect, as you probably did not dare to pull the straps really tight. With this in mind, pull the neck-strap and the two side-straps running from the chin even tighter. The final adjustment is made to the forehead-strap at the back of the head, providing the harness with ultimate tension. If everything is now nice and snug, you should hear no backtalk whatsoever, just the usual (and sadly unavoidable) “Mmh-Mmh-Mmh”-throat-sounds.

Should you still hear more than those, simply tighten the straps even more. The harness can take it and the person wearing it will be appreciative, as long as they have an affinity for being gagged.

This muffle harness is the perfect silencing instrument without the need of any object entering the mouth.

If, however, there is somebody who needs an object in their mouth, there is also the option of attaching a ball-gag. This particular muffle-harness with optional gag (Article No. MGL182) can be found in section “McSilence – Latex and leather gags.


The muffle harness is available in two sizes:

  • Small (Circumference Head Mouth up to 54 centimetres)
  • Large (Circumference Head Mouth from 52 centimetres)
Mehr Informationen

Wir nähen den Muffle-Harness aus mehreren Lagen weichen Bekleidungsleders, das für eine optimale Kombination aus Komfort und Stabilität sorgt.
Der Harness kann aber trotzdem sehr deutliche Spuren im Gesicht hinterlassen, da er für eine vollständige Funktion relativ fest angezogen werden muss.
Entsprechend sollten sie den Muffle-Harness auf keinen Fall dann verwenden, wenn sie eine Stunde später das Haus verlassen möchten!

Muffle-Harness with Gag option Muffle-Harness with Gag option

Product No.: MGL182

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