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The Czech Kantschu is braided from heavy cow leather almost 3 millimetres thick, which stays... more

The Czech Kantschu is braided from heavy cow leather almost 3 millimetres thick, which stays absolutely flexible despite its thickness.
Due to its hefty handle and its weight of over 400 grams it gives the user a wonderful sense of grip and moves especially fluid and unerringly.
The receiving partner might not see it this way, since the impact of the over 6 millimetres thick swat is considerably fiercer than in our Classic Kantschu.

This Kantschu, too, is braided from the end. So there is no break between the braided part and the swat, but a seamless transition.

In contrast to bull whips, which snap due to their thin cracker at the end, the swat of the Kantschu makes a distinctive sound like a drawn out pop. Who has experienced the specific, deeply penetrating pain of a Kantschu, will get goose bumps by the sound alone.

Length approx. 80 centimetres
     plus swat approx. 16 x 3 centimetres
Diameter of handle approx. 34 millimetres,
     (at the bulbous end approx. 60 millimetres)

Kantschu Classic, black Kantschu Classic, black

Product No.: MWL241

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Kantschu Classic, Black/Purple Kantschu Classic, Black/Purple

Product No.: MWL243

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Kantschu Classic, Black/Red Kantschu Classic, Black/Red

Product No.: MWL245

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Kantschu with wooden turban-handle Kantschu with wooden turban-handle

Product No.: MWL256

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