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This single tail belongs to our favourites in our Czech Whip collection. This impression will... more

This single tail belongs to our favourites in our Czech Whip collection.

This impression will most likely rather be shared by the user of this whip, not so much the receiver.

The tip of Ladina, with it's short tuft of leather strips appears rather harmless at first glance.

But the devil is in the detail. At closer inspection braided knots can be found at the transition to the tuft. And this packs a punch. It's effect when it hits it'a aim is mean, penetrating and long-lasting. If you have felt this whip once, you will view the leather straps purely as decorative.

But these leather terminations do indeed have a function for the experienced user. With enough distance,Ladina can be handled so that only the leather ends strike the skin, marking a lighter preparation of what is to come.

The change between bearable and very severe effect of the strikes can be achieved through a variation of the distance of only a few centimetres to the object.

We do not want to claim that Ladina is the carrot and the stick in one instrument, but the contrast of impact can definitely be very delightful!

Because of it's penetrating effect and the necessity of experience as requirement for it's use, we explicitly only recommend this whip for experienced users.

Ladina is not suitable for beginners!

Total length approx. 120 centimetres

Length of handle approx. 20 centimetres, diameter approx 32 millimetres

Weight approx. 280 grams

Delivery with detachable loop

Made from sturdy cow Nappa leather