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Now we are truly upping our game! Only those who sincerely like intense pain should engage... more

Now we are truly upping our game!

Only those who sincerely like intense pain should engage with this traditional Afghan whip. There are ample alternatives in our product range which are also wicked, but just not quite as fierce.

Buzkashi is an ancient Afghan horse riding game, which is hardly practised these days. The whip, however, is also renowned for corporal punishment, which is still customary in that country.

The handle consists of a robust roundwood, which is wrapped in leather and is ornately decorated with little nails. A round-pressed string of leather is attached to this handle, which in turn is wrapped with thin strips of rawhide (please see additional information below).
The transition between the handle and the elasticated anterior part of the whip is covered by a piece of sewn leather. The triangular wing shape of this cover accounts for most of the characteristic look of the Buzkashi Whip.
But it is the special flexibility of the leather string in combination with the fairly uneven structure of the rawhide covering, which accounts for it's wicked effect.

There are numerous different designs of this whip in existence in Afghanistan and their production can indeed be viewed as traditional artisan craftwork. But the basic elements of every Buzkashi whip are always the leather string covered with rawhide and the wing-shaped transition.

Again please note our
Safety Advice: This whip is very fierce, this is not an advertising slogan, it is a fact. Respectively the Buzkashi Whip is not suitable for beginners and to be used with the utmost caution!

We manufacture this whip from a combination of rustic cow Nappa leather und our English bridle leather as well as rawhide.

It is available in three different colour combinations:

- black/bordeaux
- black/mahagony
- antique brown/london

Length of the solid handle approx. 27 centimetres

total length approx. 62 centimetres (plus hand loop)

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Rawhide is also known as 'unfinished leather'.
It is, in fact, dried, but untanned animal skin, which has been cleaned and had it's hair removed. Typically, this skin is not dyed and the colour remains relatively light with slightly yellowish to greyish nuances.
Rawhide is also very well known from the times of the Wild West and is used to this day in the production of saddles and harnesses for horses in western-style riding.