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This dog whip’s handle is inlaid with wood, which is unusual for this type of whip. This means... more

This dog whip’s handle is inlaid with wood, which is unusual for this type of whip. This means it can be used like a regular single-tail. Beyond that, this model is just like a regular dog whip in all aspects.

The handle ends in a snap hook on one side, which the whip can be attached to the dog collar with when using it reversed as a leash. Before terminating, the laced part of the whip opens up into two unlaced leather strips forming a hand loop the dog can safely be led with.

The narrow handle is wrapped in a wide and partially overlapping leather strip. This causes the handle’s surface to be slightly uneven, allowing a more secure grip.

The pain caused by dog whips is rather severe as a rule. This also applies to this model, so be careful when first testing it.

The dog whip is made from our oiled saddle leather (s. additional information) in black.

Overall length of the whip approx. 93 centimetres (incl. snap hook)
Length of the handle approx.. 21 centimetres
Diameter of the handle 2 – 2.3 centimetres
Weight: approx. 200 grams

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The oiled saddle leather of this whip is a variation of our heavy saddle leather. A small amount of oil is already added during the tanning process, adding to the weight of the finished leather and making it more pleasant to the touch as well as more pliable.
This high-quality leather is dyed in drums and has a thickness of between 4.5 and 5 millimetres.
Prolonged use will make the material softer instead of harder (as opposed to inexpensive belt leather, which becomes hard and brittle with use).
This leather will enjoy being treated with a little leather-grease from time to time. If necessary, it can also be slightly re-oiled. This should be done sparingly though, as otherwise a permanent layer of grease may develop.

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