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Lady Ashwood is the smaller mate of Sir Ashwood. With a hitting surface of approx. 16 x 7,5... more

Lady Ashwood is the smaller mate of Sir Ashwood.
With a hitting surface of approx. 16 x 7,5 centimetres this paddle is typically suitable for graceful bottoms, but for sure more voluminous butts will also show nice reactions.
The combination of total unelasticity of the wood and the big surface area causes a quite distinctively penetrating pain. The blows can be controlled precisely benign but in reality they bring out a very nasty effect quite easily.
The six round holes are increasing the pain additionally since they cause an uneven compression of the soft flesh and in addition they irritate the butts with their edges. Furtheron they reduce the air drag and so cause an even sharper impact of the blow.

As a consequence these wooden paddles belong to the instruments which should be checked out with care!
In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that wooden paddles should only be used on buttocks and thighs.

The paddle lies comfortably in the hand due to the carefully rounded edges. The detachable handloop of leather cord provides a secure grip and the opportunity to hang the paddle to any place as a warning hint for potential delinquents.

Made from polished ash wood.

Length approx. 30 centimetres (incl. handle, excl. hand loop)
Width approx. 3,5 (in handle area) to 7,5 centimetres (hitting surface)
Thickness approx. 12 millimetres

Weight approx. 150 grams

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For our paddles we are pointedly looking for lumbers with wavy grain which gives a subtle and characteristic look to our paddles.

Due to the individual grain every paddle is a unique and looks similar to the sample shown in the pictures but never alike.

The surface of the paddle is polished and sealed only but not lacquered since most lacquers would scratch and spall easily.

To clean the paddle is damp wipeable. But please never use aggressive detergents or desinfectant!

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