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Visually, this slim paddle with holes leaves no doubt about its forceful effect. The 'Task... more

Visually, this slim paddle with holes leaves no doubt about its forceful effect.
The 'Task Master' is almost as slim as a cane and is sewn from two layers of very solid leather.
The especially forceful impact consists of three components:
- the 'Task Master' hits a small area, so the impact is very intense
- it has the elasticity to provide it with substantial oscillation
- six holes in the upper area reduce the air resistance, which drives the paddel with increased speed

The handle is built from a seperate strip of leather and sewn around the two layers of the swat, which results in comfortable handling.
A little D-ring is sewn into the end of the handle, to suspend the 'Task Master' as a warning or as decoration.
All edges are thoroughly rounded off.

For the production of the 'Task Master' we use our heavy English saddle leather (please see additional information below) in the following colour combinations:

  • black with stitching in black
  • black with stitching in red
  • black with handle in bordeauxred
  • black with handle in mahagony
  • bordeauxred with handle in black
  • mahagony with handle in london

Length approx. 41 centimetres
Width approx. 2.5 centimetres

Mehr Informationen

Our heavy English saddle leather is an especially high-quality drum dyed leather and has a thickness of approximately 4,5 to 5 millimetres.
The surface is not covered with insoluble pigments, but natural, providing a particularly pleasant grip and feel. 
Over time it becomes softer, rather than harder (in contrast to cheap belt leather, which turns hard and brittle after a while). 
This leather benefits from a little dubbing from time to time; oil, however should not be used, as due to the naturally retained surface it could change the colour of the leather.