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What makes this Tawse so appealing is its heaviness and the intense impact resulting from it. It... more

What makes this Tawse so appealing is its heaviness and the intense impact resulting from it. It is definitely not suited for gentle souls, but rather something for those who like it rough.

This tawse being markedly heavier than the others we offer results from the special type of English saddle leather used, which has oil added to the tanning process.
The handle is also reinforced with two additional layers of leather, further adding to the weight. This means that even very tick-set individuals can grip this robust handle comfortably.
A small hand-loop helps with the safe handling of this wicked implement.

The Heavy Tawse is available in the following colour-variants:

  • black with a black handle and red seams
  • black with a Bordeaux-red handle
  • black with a London-coloured handle

Total length: approx. 52 centimetres
Width: approx. 6 centimetres
Weight: approx. 240 gram

Manufactured from our oiled English saddle leather (s. separate note)

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The oiled saddle-leather used for this implement is a variant of our heavy saddle- leather. During the tanning-process a small amount of oil is added to the leather, adding to the weight of the finished product and making it particularly pleasing to the touch, as well as more flexible.
This high-quality leather is dyed in drums and has a thickness of 4.5 to 5 mm.
As it ages and gets used, it tends to become more supple rather than stiffer (which sets it apart from cheap types of leather which will become hard and brittle with age).
This leather enjoys having some dubbin wax applied occasionally, but it can also be re-oiled, if necessary. This should only be done sparingly, as otherwise a permanent greasy layer may form.


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