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The 80 centimetres long version of the cane is the length most commonly used. It links the ease... more

The 80 centimetres long version of the cane is the length most commonly used.
It links the ease of exact aiming with the lasting effect of the blow due to the cane's elasticity.

The different diametres of the canes are decisive for the caused type of pain.
The general rule says:
the thinner the cane the sharper the pain, the thicker the duller.

Also the marks on the skin are quite different. Thin canes cause sharp weals which can even bleed from severe strikes.
The thicker the cane the wider the impression becomes and the deeper the impact penetrates.
Thick canes will cause rather deep bruises than weals. The effect draws notibly into the depth which implicitly advises to use thick canes only in areas with enough flesh over the bones, so typically on the buttocks.

The naming for the different options of our canes was mainly inspired by the character of the caused pain.
Choose your version corresponding to the desired effect:

  • 5 mm (The Searing One)
  • 6 mm (The Severe One)
  • 8 mm (The Bitchy One)
  • 10 mm (The Nasty One)
  • 12 mm (The Forceful One)
  • 16 mm (The Nagging One)
  • 18 - 20 mm (The Massive One)

Our canes are carefully peeled and sanded. The thickness is even and the ends are thoroughly rounded.

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Safety Advice:
Canes are definitely counted among the beating instruments of severe effects.
To start caning means: check out carefully!

Initially try the effect with less strength. In so doing the reaction of the counterpart can even be powerful. Increase the caning carefully and bit by bit only. Also try the usage of different diameters of canes. For sure the delinquent will give thanks to you!

Watering of canes:
For peeled canes slightly watering is recommendable to make them heavier on the one hand and more flexible on the other hand. Moreover canes do not so easily break when they are a little wet.
We recommend a short shower for the watering. Afterwards the canes must be stored lying flat for otherwise they would become curved. Also take care for sufficient drying since otherwise the canes could start going mouldy after some time.
But please do not dry canes on the heating!