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This mask will remind you of the black bag some have already imagined at length having to wear... more

This mask will remind you of the black bag some have already imagined at length having to wear over the head – or forcing somebody else to wear it.
It‘s based on a historical template and is intentionally designed to be loose, with a cord underneath the chin to tighten it. This means that it can be on quickly and mercilessly, without needing to be elaborately tyed or laced. All it takes is one pull of the cord.

It‘s perfect for regular and enhanced interrogation play, as well as for people who do not enjoy wearing tightfitting masks. The cord underneath the chin can be adjusted as required, but only to the point where it is felt without restricting flow of blood or air.
The mask is the inexpensive alternative for those not interested in leather or just prefering the simple dark pouch. It is made from double-layered cotton and is almost entirely opaque.

On top of the mask there is a loop the individual can be lightly restrained with.
The wearer should not be suspended from this mask loop.

To find the correct size use the following table.
If you prefer your mask a little tighter, simply choose one size smaller.

Available in five sizes:

  • XS:    Circumference of head: under 52 cm
  • S:      Circumference of head: 52 - 56 cm
  • M:     Circumference of head: 56 - 59 cm
  • L:      Circumference of head: 59 - 62 cm
  • XL:    Circumference of head: 62 - 67 cm
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Kopf-SchablonePlease measure the following areas with a tape measure.
Alternatively you can use a thread or cord which after marking can be measured with a ruler.

If you are unsure, please send us the single measurements and we will be glad to help you further!

C: Circumference of head at height of eyebrows