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The cuffs of the Wotan series offer the perfect combination of stability and total comfort.... more

The cuffs of the Wotan series offer the perfect combination of stability and total comfort.
They are sewn from a very thick, but ultra soft cowhide with a padded inside made from soft lamb's Nappa leather. This makes them suitable to be worn over longer periods of time without causing any complaints like pinching or scratching.
The antique brown leather of the padding is folded over to the black side to create the effect of a piping. 

The antique brown leather varies slightly in a section as well as from hide to hide. Therefore every single piece of antique coloured products are unique specimen and vary slightly.

These cuffs can be secured with small padlocks on the fastening strap. As illustration, please view the photos of Wotan Bondage Cuffs in black (art.-no. MBL301), where the use of padlocks is pictured.

Wotan Cuffs are available in three different sizes:

  • small: to fit very slender wrists, circumference 12 to 16 centimetres
  • medium: standard size for most wrists, circumference 15 to 22 centimetres
  • large: generally for ankles, circumference 20 to 31 centimetres

(please choose your size)

Width of cuffs approx. 6 centimetres

1 pair Wotan Cuffs, respective of size ordered
(other cuffs shown in the pictures are not included, connectors or lockings not included, please order separately)

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