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This Long Neck Corset is reinforced with light metal rods and supports a straight posture for... more

This Long Neck Corset is reinforced with light metal rods and supports a straight posture for neck and head.

In the front it braces the chin and reaches up under the nose, in the back it is tailored high up around the back of the head. As a consequence the rotation of the head as well as bending forward or stretching it back is greatly reduced. At least an escape of the chin from the corset is reliably prevented.
When using a tight lacing the chin and mouth area will be substantially enclosed allowing only very limited speach. For further intensification a ball gag can be hidden wonderfully underneath the chin cover.

The corset is to be laced full length in the back.
Before donning it's been proven useful to completely remove the cord. So the corset can be wrapped around the neck comfortably and the lacing is started from the top. This way a perfect positioning of the corset around the nose and chin is ensured from the beginning. When the lacing starts getting tight in this area the corset won't slip out of place and the rest of the lacing can be done in peace.
Only with lacing on the lower part the corset draws tight and straightens neck and head into the desired position.

We provide two cords for the neck corset. But we advise against lacing in the usual way from above and below towards the center as for waist corsets, because this does usually not lead to the ideal fit. If required you can try both versions, of course, to decide between the one or the other technique of lacing.

To prevent the wearer to fiddle about with the cords we recommend using a double bow on the lacing at the end, since such a bow is not easily opened if the person cannot see it directly.

By the way, this Neck Corset can be perfectly combined with our Gwendoline's Mask (prod. no. MRL511) or our Bolero Armbinder (prod. no. MRL109)!

For the fitting of the neck corset we recommend to note the following information:
This neck corset has a slim tailored fit and therefore fits slender necks best. As a rule for shorter necks and fuller jaw-lines with a double chin this fit is not suited very well.

Our Long Neck Corset is available in four sizes.
Please find the measurements in the table below.

Size chart for Long Neck Corset
(all measurements are in centimetres!)

  Circumference of neck
35-41 40-46 44-50
  Circumference of head at mouth 34-47 42-55 50-63 58-71
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Please measure the following areas with a tape measure. Alternatively you can use a thread or cord which after marking can be measured with a ruler.
If you are unsure, please send us the single measurements and we will be glad to help you further!

A: Circumference of neck
B: Circumference of head at height of mouth