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Mighty, powerful and romantic – three attributes which are combined in this beautiful whip!... more

Mighty, powerful and romantic – three attributes which are combined in this beautiful whip!

Only holding it in the hand declares, as it were through the flower, who the dominant part is.

Whoever uses it, though will be beyond any doubt after the first strike!

Every single flower is a little piece of art, but their aesthetic should in no way mislead about the consequences!

The effect is easily guessed when you fold your middle finger tightly and then use the protruding backside to knock at the back of your other hand. We like to describe this effect as a mini fist, where the effect of the Rose Flogger is certainly much more intensive, as there are nine of these mini fists, which hit their aim simultaneously.

When striking more forcefully, the generated pain feels particularly thuddy and deep.

It is imperative to please observe our safety advice with this flogger!

With it's weight of approx. 500 grams it belongs to the family of heave floggers. They are to be enjoyed with caution and do not belong in the hands of beginners!

Made from high-quality cowhide Nappa leather, the flowers from cowhide Nubuk leather.

The round-braided tails are additionally adorned with decorative 'thorns' in the form of small metal studs.

Length of tails approx. 42 centimetres


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General safety guidelines apply particularly to heavy floggers!
They should never be used striking the spine or kidney area directly. Compared to the lighter kind, these floggers gain their effect through their weight and can therefore cause deep tissue injuries when deployed more vigorously.

Heavy floggers are especially popular with persons who are able to let themselves fall into the dull pain.
The active part will also enjoy the particular experience of feeling the weight and effect on his or her counterpart.