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This paddle is the wooden version of our Mini Bat, but at the same time the dwarf version of... more

This paddle is the wooden version of our Mini Bat, but at the same time the dwarf version of our larger Teachers Bat.

The effect, however, is anything but dwarfish. 'Small, but wicked' describes the essence much more accurately!

In our shop it regularly happens that customers test this paddle by slapping the palm of their hand lightly and then emit a sharp little yell, due to the mean result.

This little fright can duly be repeated on your vis-a-vis by pulling the small, inconspicuous piece unexpectedly out of the handbag.

Made from rosewood


Length approx. 25 centimetres (incl. Handle, pus hand loop)

Width approx. 3.3 centimetres

Thickness approx. 12 millimetres


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For our paddles we are pointedly looking for lumbers with wavy grain which gives a subtle and characteristic look to our paddles.

Due to the individual grain every paddle is a unique and looks similar to the sample shown in the pictures but never alike.

The surface of the paddle is polished and sealed only but not lacquered since most lacquers would scratch and spall easily.

To clean the paddle is damp wipeable. But please never use aggressive detergents or desinfectant!

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