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The Vaginal Speculum 'Pederson Gold' resembles the speculum 'Grave Gold', but its shape is... more

The Vaginal Speculum 'Pederson Gold' resembles the speculum 'Grave Gold', but its shape is slimmer and therefore especially suitable for tighter vaginas.
The slender blades, in duckbill design, are approx. 10 centimetres long, but only 22 millimetres wide.

Also the speculum 'Pederson Gold' answers the demand for higher comfort and aesthetic, as well as offering a 'second level' in its function:
In addition to the standard spreading action of the tip, the lower blade can be moved as a whole. For this purpose, a second locating screw is loosened at the lower arm of the speculum. If the blade is now pulled downwards, the orifice can already be spread apart considerably at the entry area.
This makes it possible to survey the entry area and intensifies the feeling of distension in the examinee.

The insides of the blades are slightly dulled, so no disturbing light reflection is perceived when illuminating the vagina.

The gold-coloured screws give the speculum its special flair. They are made from gold-plated brass, which should be polished occasionally.
All other parts are made from non-magnetic, stainless steel 

Length of blades approx. 10 centimetres
Width of blades approx. 22 millimetres
(expanding width at front up to approx. 5 centimetres, can be spread open to approx. 7,5 centimetres)

Weight approx. 150 grams

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