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This big surgical spreader is the ultimate toy for fans of clinic scenes. Its dimensions are... more

This big surgical spreader is the ultimate toy for fans of clinic scenes.
Its dimensions are imposing and instill respect of the upcoming treatment by Mr or Mrs Doctor.

The spreader is made of a solid stainless steel ring and three round-shaped blades, which can be adjusted by screws into the desired position.
For cleaning or to store this spreader in a space-saving manner these blades can be completely removed.

The spreader can open the treated orifice to a diameter of up to 14 centimetres, which is wider than usually anatomically possible!
Therefore our normal advice that this instrument is only for advanced players and experts is a given.
In any case, this spreader is also an extremely attractive decoration for every playroom or studio.


- Outer diameter of the ring approx. 23 centimetres
- Diameter of the blades in the narrowest position approx. 4 centimetres
- Diameter of the blades in their widest position approx. 14 centimetres
- Depth of penetration of the blades up to 10 centimetres


Weight approx. 1 kilogram

Made of surgical stainless steel with a semi-matt finish

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