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This is the heaviest flogger we have on offer. Using a special technique, we attach as much of... more

This is the heaviest flogger we have on offer.

Using a special technique, we attach as much of the heavy-duty buffalo leather to the handle as we can. This is the reason our Bear Flogger XL weighs a whopping one-and-a-half pounds.

This makes it ideal for everybody who is after extended flogging sessions with intensive dull pain.

For this a special technique is used where strikes are not performed individually from the wrist but in sequential figures-of-eight. For this, the flogger is swung using the entire arm alternatingly striking the left and the right shoulder. The motion of the flogging arm resembles an Eight lying on its side.
Using this technique it is possible to cover the entire back, all the way to the bottom.

If desired, the Flogger can also be used on other parts of the body. However, in this case we would ask you to consider our safety instructions for heavy floggers (see additional text).

The slightly rounded end-section of the heavy handle is shaped to offer a good grip for performing figures-of-eight, despite the heaviness of the implement.
If you have an alternative use for the handle, we recommend putting a condom over it.

The Flogger comes with a holding-loop attached with a snap button to allow hanging the implement up decoratively in your playroom.

Made from heavy but soft buffalo leather. Handle made from rosewood.

Overall length of the Flogger: approx. 80 centimeters,
Length of the tails ca. 55 centimeters,
Diameter of the handle: 30 (most narrow part) to 37 millimetres (around head)

Weight: approx. 750 grams.


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General safety guidelines apply particularly to heavy floggers! 
They should never be used striking the spine or kidney area directly. Compared to the lighter kind, these floggers gain their effect through their weight and can therefore cause deep tissue injuries when deployed more vigorously.

Heavy floggers are especially popular with persons who are able to let themselves fall into the dull pain. 
The active part will also enjoy the particular experience of feeling the weight and effect on his or her counterpart.

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