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The 'ThreeQuarterPounder' is a heavy flogger made from thick, yet soft buffalo leather. The... more

The 'ThreeQuarterPounder' is a heavy flogger made from thick, yet soft buffalo leather.

The impact of this flogger should initially be tested with caution.
It's effect varies, depending on the force used, between an intensive massage and a dull pain.
Never directly strike the spine or kidney area!

The decorative rings, made from stainless steel, not only add to the look and weight, but also give a comfortable grip in the hand.

The combination of heavy leather and metal on the handle weighs in at about 750 grams.

Length of handle: approx. 20 centimetres 
length of tails: approx. 50 centimetres

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General safety guidelines apply particularly to heavy floggers!
They should never be used striking the spine or kidney area directly. Compared to the lighter kind, these floggers gain their effect through their weight and can therefore cause deep tissue injuries when deployed more vigorously.

Heavy floggers are especially popular with persons who are able to let themselves fall into the dull pain.
The active part will also enjoy the particular experience of feeling the weight and effect on his or her counterpart.

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