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The name of this strap whip says it all: The Centipede is actually equipped with a hundred... more

The name of this strap whip says it all:
The Centipede is actually equipped with a hundred tails in the form of thin leather strings.

The effect of this whip is quite virulent and sharp on one hand, but also rather weighty through the mass of the tails on the other. If it's the tips, which predominantly hit the target, the virulent effect is especially shown. This particularly happens if you strike the Centipede from rather a long distance, like a flogger.

With this in mind, the Centipede is not fitting for the highly sensitive, but rather for serious masochists. 

The leather strings are quite stiff initially and can leave longer lasting marks, but turn more flexible over time.

The handle, made from black ash, is pleasant to hold and allows for good handling, due to it's button-shaped termination. The little hand loop is detachable with a press stud.

Length of tails approx. 46 centimetres,
total length approx. 66 centimetres

weight approx. 380 grams

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