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- the short version of our strap whips from the X-Family This short strap whip can be... more

- the short version of our strap whips from the X-Family

This short strap whip can be handled quite easily and precisely.
The short tails make it easy to aim and allow exact dosage. Therefore this whip can also be deployed in harder to reach areas of the body.

The strap whips of the X-family owe their name to the X-shaped cross stitch, with which the leather is sewn around the handle.
They are crafted from a thin, edged belt leather. The 2 millimetre strong and 5 to 6 millimetre wide tails generate a surprisingly sharp pain, due to their firmness and can leave distinct marks!

Little X is suitable for experienced Tops and Subs who like close contact and proximity, as well as novices for whom a normal flogger is too soft.

Available in three versions:
-black with black stitching
-black with brown stitching
-black with red stitching (pictures will follow soon)

Length of tails approx. 37 centimetres
Length of handle approx. 12 centimetres
(Diameter approx. 32 millimetres)

The hand loop is detatchable with a snap hook.

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In order to optimize the use of these strap whips, we produce them in three sizes:

Little X (Art.-No. MWR301) - the short version for the precise deployment from a short distance,
total length approx. 50 centimetres
Middle X (Art.-No. MWR302) - the medium version for the routine deployment on back an bottom,
total length approx. 80 centimetres
Big X (Art.-No. MWR303) - the large version in extra long format for experienced Tops,
total length approx. 100(!) centimetres

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